Sacral Creative is a production company founded and staffed by
some of the most ambitious emerging talent in the entertainment industry.

Our clients range from credit card conglomerates to social media platforms, and we’ve produced
content across the board — from Viral Web content to broadcast spots and festival films.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle the entire process in-house,
from conceptualization and production to editing, color, and visual effects.

Sizzle REEL


Grayson Whitehurst
Executive Producer/Partner

Taylor Haley
Executive Producer/Partner


Creating our ICO launch video was something we were definitely putting off - we had a certain degree of quality in mind with no idea how to achieve it. The team at Sacral Creative ended up delivering an end product that absolutely blew us away. Grayson & Taylor are an unbeatable team, they were able to take our complicated mess of an idea, simplify it, sharpen it, and produce it with massive impact. Upon release, we got some instant viral attention and pulled in over 28k new community members in less than a week. I completely trust this team with any future productions we do!  - Nick Johnson | CEO, MAKE

“Love working with this team - Great job all around.” - Scott Blum | CEO, Luxury Card (MasterCard)